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Halloween & Bonfire Night

I love this pumpkin the colour is great and it doesn’t die!

This firework is called a fountain, you can see why!

Sparklers are a must.

Traffic lights abound.

Trick or Treat who knows!
These two days creep up on me without me noticing and they certainly did this year!  I am going to blame it on being in Hospital in September!  
Halloween was great fun, Youngest went Trick or Treating, whilst Eldest did duty at the door for the Trick or Treaters’ here.   Youngest went with his friend from school and DH, whilst friends mum and I had a drink at home.  The evening was quite mild so there were no frozen fingers and toes when they got back.  
It was also DH’s Birthday and so we spent the day treating him to lunch out and The Boys helping to open his presents.
Bonfire Night on November 5th was great and the weather held so the fireworks were let off without rain spoiling the evening, unlike last year.  We then had hot dogs and chips with Bonfire Toffee to finish.  
Here are a few pictures of both evenings.
Susie x

Late with my blogs!

I cannot believe where time goes!  The busier you are the faster it goes and now having looked back I missed the whole of November!
The end of October was half term here for the Boys and a much needed rest, although we were still busy.  We took Eldest one down to Southampton to have a look at the University there and on the way back I managed to call in at a quilt show.  Although only small it was great to see the quilts and I managed to stock up on some Christmas fabrics which I needed and some fabrics, which I didn’t, but liked them all the same. The Boys all went to a car show so all were happy!
Here are a few pictures of the quilts I liked on display.
Susie x
I Love the colours in this quilt.

Can you believe that this is done in fabric!  The picture does not do it justice.

I wanted to take this home, I love the colours.