Swimming Championships

November saw us going to several swimming meets and our own swimming club annual Championships.  This involves us all.  DH is Chairman of the Club at the moment, I do all the paperwork etc for the Swim 21 Accreditation (a standard for swimming clubs) and The Boys swim.  Fair exchange!
The two events are held on Saturday evenings when the pools are shut to the General Public.  And I can honestly say it is three hours of non stop racing and results.  I help on the evening with the logging of the results on the computers and printing them out, DH is the commentator and both Boys swam.  They did really well beating quite a few of their previous times and getting a few cups and medals as well!  The evenings are hard work but great fun.
The Boys also all went off to the Derbyshire Sprints which was a whole day of racing on November 20th.  Again the Boys did really well and we got some great pictures for the wall.

We also held our small pool Championships for the little ones and again as a family we all helped out.  Eldest was a steward, Youngest was timekeeping, me again results and DH was talking, as usual!  The little ones had a great time and their medals and trophies are presented on the evening, with goodies bags, which I sorted out – all sixty of them!!

Susie x
Eldest doing Fly

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