It has been a tiring few weeks but I now have the all clear from my Consultant that the infection has gone, which is a relief as I felt awful on the tablets to get rid of it!  My next appointment is not until four weeks which is also a good sign, although when I made that appointment I suddenly realised it would be November!  Yikes where are the weeks going?  I still need to get a lot done before then and really am running out of time.
Some very good friends sent me some flowers because of not feeling too  good and I wanted to share the picture with you as they were wonderful.  Very much Autumn colours but they really did make me smile.
The weather here has been confusing to say the least, last weekend you would have said it was summer again with very warm days and this weekend it is cold and wet and really quite miserable.  We managed to get into the garden last weekend and did a lot to it but need probably another couple of days at it to get it ready before the bad weather starts, including putting all the summer furniture away!  Oh well I am sure it will get done. 
Must dash now as I have some baking to get done before tomorrow!
Susie x

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