You can’t quite see the bottom of the shelves which are covered in books

An assortment of books on these shelves and some which are quite old which came from the families.
I wanted to put up the list of books I have read since the start of the year as it would be interesting to see exactly how many I have read!  I know I read a lot but can never quite remember how many, especially when the books get passed around the house for DH and The Boys to read, more so now as the Boys are reading more adult fiction.
Beth left me a comment in August after I mentioned I was reading the Game of Thrones books by George RR Martin.  
“Your choice of books is great. I love that series of books, and love to quilt as well. If you haven’t tried them yet, try reading the Eye of the World series by Robert Jordan, or Terry Goodkinds’ series. Both are great.” Beth
I haven’t read any of Robert Jordans but love Terry Goodkinds.  Another set of fantasy books I love, in all the series he wrote, were David Eddings books.  Sadly he passed away in 2009 so there will be no more but the legacy he has left us with is great.  I am able to re-read books, unlike DH who has once read something can remember it all.  Says a lot for my memory!
If I have run out of new books to read I am quite happy to go to our shelves and get something I have read before, they are like old friends to me.

Here are a few pictures of our bookshelves in our sitting room and as you can see I have plenty to choose from!  At the last count there were over 1000!

So thank you Beth for recommending a new author, I am always on the look out for new things – any type not just fantasy, although I have gone off chick lit a while ago as they became all the same!!!!

Happy reading

Susie x

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