Our Crazy Weather

Anyone who has visited England and know the English we have an endless fascination with our weather.  I think it is because we get so much of it in a week.  We obviously don’t get the extremes like some countries, especially the US with their tornadoes and hurricanes but what we do get is often strange!
I have been slowly getting things ready for Autumn and Winter, changing over curtains, cloths, tableware and was just about to start on the bedding when I saw the forecast for this week.  Last week they were forecasting snow in October (remember I told you in an earlier post?)  well this week, in fact from tomorrow until Saturday our daytime top temperature will be  79dF/26dC!  So all those summer clothes which I have washed and pressed ready for putting away and getting out the winter clothes is going to have to be put on hold.
In fact when I got up this morning at 5.00am this is the view from our sitting room window and into our garden!  Yes fog!  So this week we have had heavy rain and cold temperatures, now fog and tomorrow summer again!  Great fun.
Susie x
Our garden in need of work but with the fog coming down. 5.00am this morning.

Outside the sitting room window normally the view is over the valley with the trees just turning. today we can only just see the houses!

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