Addicted to Masterchef Australia

I don’t know if anyone has seen this version of the show, but I think it is the best.  I love the presenters and the whole format of the show.  I stumbled across it in its first year, three years ago now, when I was surfing the channels and the best thing is we all love the programme, including the Boys.
Last Christmas, in fact between Christmas and New Year, I did a Mystery Box for the Boys.  I was very kind and gave them a recipe and the ingredients and they had to cook the main and desert between them.  They loved it and did a really good job. In fact I did say that each Friday evening (the only night we don’t have to be somewhere else) they should cook the meal.  We managed it for about a month and then life intruded, but it was good while it lasted.
Check out the Masterchef Australia website, they also have some great recipes on there too.
At the moment here we are on Series 3 and I am hooked.
Susie x


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