What a Few Weeks!

Well it has been so busy since we got back from holiday.  Eldest Son turned sixteen and three days later he got his exam results and he did so well, he got nine GCSEs’ which means he is in VI Form from this September studying History, Applied ICT and Product Design.  Youngest Son is excited as he will be starting Senior School and has his uniform, book bag and everything waiting in his closet.
Work has been busy, catching up from being away and busy as it is now coming up to all of us being back from our various breaks.  
We have decorated both Boys rooms and changed Youngest ones around so it is a little more grown up.  I will post some pictures when I get chance.  Youngest last weekend went camping with his Scout Troop and the main activities were sailing and he had the best time ever.  I was faced with a mountain of wet clothes on Sunday evening at the end of camp as there were obviously no drying facilities.  When he had finished in the bath tub it was black!!!!
Last Sunday saw us sorting out the attic.  So much had been put up there, toys they don’t want to get rid of, keepsake things, Christmas decorations, guest bedding, you know the usual.  Anyway after five hours we managed to get it in some sort of order and now have floor space again.  
Yesterday and today were spent getting everything sorted before School starts tomorrow, but I will miss the boys terribly when they go back.  Having had the Eldest at home for so long since his exams ended it will be really strange.  Just me and the dog!!!

I have a few more jobs to do tomorrow and Thursday and then Friday I have to be in Hospital for a couple of days.  Ten years ago when Eldest was five and Youngest was one I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to undergo a full mastectomy.  I was fortunate in that it was very early stages and did not have to undergo any further treatment.  Anyway I had an implant and during my check up this year they found it was slightly leaking.  So on Friday I have to go in and have it replaced.  Hopefully I will only be in for two days but then it is about a two week recovery so I won’t be able to do a lot.  At least I will be able to catch up on my reading.  I won’t be doing any quilting though!!

I did manage to get two quilt tops finished whilst we were away, but of course nothing has been done since we got back!  When I get the all clear I will get back to it.

I hope everyone has had a good summer, we did, and hope that the new school year is good for everyone.  I will hopefully write soon.

Susie x

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  1. Susie Q

    Thanks Milah will be glad when it is all over! This week has not been a good week, so very much looking forward to next week. Tomorrow the Boys are back at school and Andrew, the Youngest starts Senior School so quite a day. Tom, my darling husband, is going to take me out for coffee after we have dropped them at the school gate! Loved your latest post and how wonderful to be Baptised outside. We, in England, tend to do this when they are babies. Our Boys were both done when they were nine months old and they were both wonderful days. Susie x

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