Last Week At School

The next busy week was the final week at Primary School for Youngest.  It was quite a busy week for him as we had already had their music concert.  Then all the parents went in the evening of Wednesday July 20th for the Leavers Concert which was really good and funny but also quite emotional.  The previous week they had been down to London for the day and did lots of fun things and DH was able to go which was great for him too.  
They left school on Thursday July 21st, after Presentation and Prize Giving and we collected Youngest from the school at 2.30pm for the last time!  
I and one of the other moms had arranged the Leavers Party in our Village Hall and did the food and entertainment for 42 of them.  
I had spent the last few weeks running around with work, school, Eldest going here, there and everywhere, and all the other things as well, piano, tennis, swimming, Scouts and was just about on my knees with exhaustion by the time the party rolled round, but we did it!!!! They had a great time and I think it was a great send off from Primary to  Senior School.
Susie x
We took him to McDonalds for Breakfast
This is how he came home with his shirt all signed.
Dancing or is it balloon popping?

The Year and Their Teachers and Head

The Food

Their Cake.

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