Celebration In London

DH and I could not let this historic month go by without doing something to celebrate Eldest Leaving Senior School and Youngest leaving Primary School.  Although Eldest will be back in September for his A Levels and Youngest will be with him at the school for the start of his Senior School time it was still a big thing.
So I arranged for us to travel down to London on Friday July 22nd and stay at The May Fair Hotel for five days!  The Hotel was very nice and we had a suite.  On the Friday evening we went out to dinner at Wheelers in The Strand which is owned and run by Marco Pierre White.  
Saturday saw us up bright and early (well up early) for a day of shopping the the first place Youngest wanted to go to was Hamleys!  We went and we shopped.  I did a lot of window shopping on Old Bond Street (where all the designer shops are and where there are scary looking security guards on the doors!!!!) .  We did buy some chocolates at Charbonel Et Walker, who is the Queen’s Chocolatier!  Saturday evening we went out to dinner at Babylon in Kensington.  This is a restaurant on top of the building which has its own roof gardens and overlooks London.  The day had been extremely warm and the view and sunset in the evening was captivating.  The food was too!!!!
Sunday we were up early again as we had tickets for Buckingham Palace Tour.  The Palace is only open between July and October when the Queen is not in residence and it is not being used.  We were lucky enough to go the day after it opened for this year and everything looked fresh and new.  We also got to see The Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress, veil, shoes, tiara and earrings.  DH and The Boys were not that interested but I was. My opinion, having seen The Princess of Wales dress after her wedding – lovely although it did not stand out as much, and it looked like it was made for a child.  It was tiny!!!!!  In the afternoon we went for tea at The Ritz.  What can I say it was great, even the Boys thought it was great and although it says tea the amount you could have eaten would have done a full meal.
Monday was another day for The Boys to do what they wanted although they did get their hair cut in a very fancy salon near our hotel.  Afterwards we went to Covent Garden and had lunch at Jamie Oliver’s Italian Restaurant there.  A completely different style to the other meals we had but it was great fun and the food was great.  In the evening we went to see Shrek The Musical at The Theatre Royal Drury Lane.  It was great, funny, the characters were amazing, so like the films, and the whole two hours was fun.
The Boys outside Buckingham Palace

Outside the Gates erected for the Queen Mother’s 100 Birthday

The State Coach

Youngest and I having Tea At The Ritz

Eldest and DH having Tea At The Ritz

Youngest and Casper The Fourteenth for Dinner See the Story by Michael Morpurgo.    
Tuesday saw us check out the hotel and stay for the day in London with the Boys doing things they hadn’t already done, mainly looking in all the expensive car showrooms, whilst I did a little retail therapy.
We got home around 10.00pm very tired but had a great time.
Susie x

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