Our House Which Fights Back!

As some of you may have read in previous posts, our house is only 28 years old but the people who had it built did a very poor job, so every time we undertake any work it becomes double what we thought as we are having to repair the original shoddy work!
We had a new boiler installed when we first moved in, as the one already in was a very old second hand one!  Now this boiler is super duper very efficient and very “green”, doesn’t waste heat or water, heats water up instantly as it comes out the tap and was great.  Especially with two very young Boys at the time who were always dirty (still are now even though they are 16 and 12!).
Since having it installed it has gone wrong three times and the Company who made it have had to replace three pieces on it!  Nothing seems to last these days!
Anyway it has gone wrong again now!  It takes about eight minutes for hot water to come down, whereas it is supposed to be instant, and you can imagine the amount of water being used to try and get the hot water to appear.
So I am stuck in today waiting for the repair man to appear any time between 8.00am and 6.00pm!  I have to go shopping at some point, but I may sneak the day to do some quilting which has been sadly lacking in the last few weeks because of being busy!  Dare I ?   Yes!!!!!!
Susie x

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