He’s Finished!

This afternoon was Eldest Son’s last exam!  We now have the anxious wait for the results and they won’t be out until August 25th, three days after he turns sixteen!
On the way home in the car he and his friend (can we Garreth a lift home?) were talking about the summer now they have finished and that they have a twelve week holiday, despite having to go in for four days about the new school year next week and the week after. 
I did point out that although he has now finished the exams,  there are plenty of jobs to do and he would not be staying in bed until all hours!  Fortunately he took it in good part and did say that he would help with anything I need him to do!!  What a great son.  This starts tomorrow morning, when he can come grocery shopping with me!!!!!!  I won’t tell him that just yet though!!!
Susie x

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  1. Marj

    I feel the same way. It amazes me that people visit from near and far. I'll try to at least leave messages , so that you know I was by to say hello. Hope you are having a good week.

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