Blogging The Hard Way!

I have had a terrible time trying to update my blog!  I had to wait until DH got home from his business trip to Spain and he had a cup of tea before I asked him to look at the problems.  Finally after two days of muttering under his breath and lots of key tapping, I am back!!!!!
Things have been getting busy here with Eldest Son still in the middle of his exams and the stress level increasing by each exam and to top it all his bag went missing on Friday last – possible theft by an external candidate who was taking the exam at his school!  Would not have been a problem except for his house keys being in the bag!  Needless to say there are now three new locks on the all the doors!  He only has two more exams next week and he is done.  He then has book return day and he will then pick up his Record of Achievement.  There will be two days for Sixth Form Induction and two days for Peer Mentor training and he will be done for the summer and have an eight week summer holiday.
Youngest Son is now in the chill zone having completed his exams, but we still have lots of things coming up, prize giving, music concert (he will be playing the piano), sports day, leavers concert and finally the party, which I seem to have been landed with organizing!  Now how did that happen?
We also have Carnival coming up in our Village again, DH is Chairman, and I am running the Fun Dog Show and Scarecrow competition again, as well as providing the teas for the Carnival Queen and Attendants – All 24 of them!  
Our Swimming Club, DH is Chairman of that too, has got their Open Swimming Competition coming up and also a fund raising event.  
We are all going to an open air concert raising money for RAF Benevolent Fund, more about that after it happens.
It’s my Birthday soon, although I think it will get lost in all the events!
We will be taking the Boys away after they have finished for a special treat (more after the event) as Youngest is finishing Primary School and Eldest is finishing Senior School so really momentous times.  It will be nice next year having the Boys at the same school again though.
Anyway I have done no quilting, in fact I have started to finish the quilt I cut out three weeks ago and I will post it when finished.

My friend Jayne, whose Birthday is this Sunday, loved the Table Runner I made her, pictures two posts ago.  Happy Birthday Jayne!

Susie x

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