Quilting on Holiday

Whilst we were away I managed to get some quilting done.  Of course one of the projects I had finished needed the backing fabric putting on and yes, you guessed it, I did not have enough fabric. 
When we were in Scotland in August I had found a lovely little Quilt Shop and decided to head there and get some more fabric.  Now you know you can’t just go in and get one fabric right? 
We got to the shop and horror of horrors it had gone, instead it was a clothes shop!  In despair we carried on, on the same road, to get to the next village in the hope that there would be a material shop there.  Along the way we found another Quilt Shop!  It was amazing, if we had turned round and gone back the other way, we would have missed it entirely!
Having gone in and sorted out the material I needed, and several more for my stash, I was talking to the owner, Mandy, who owns the shop on her and her husbands farm in Beauly.  She had taken over the business from the previous shop when they had retired.  So I was able to finish my project and found another quilt shop!!!
Here are a couple of pictures of the shop.
Susie x
The shop on the farm

Just past the shop, the working farm

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