We’re Back!

Well actually we have been back for two weeks, but it has been quite, quite busy and today is the first day I have found to sit down and write here!
We had a great holiday over Easter and I will post some pictures of that later. 
We watched the Royal Wedding on the Friday, the day before we came home, with our friends in Scotland and had a lovely lunch whilst we watched the ceremony.  After it was all over the weather was so good, we went out and played baseball!  Again I will post pictures
I also got to do some quilting, without interruptions, so got two projects finished and one started so I am really pleased with myself.
Since we got back, our Boys have been busy with school and today Eldest One finished school and went on study leave, whilst he does his exams.  Youngest One has had a week of SATs’ and celebrated today with Brunch at School organised by the children.  This meant him raiding the house for one of my good tablecloths, mugs, plates etc and at 9.30pm last night I was making cakes! 
Our basement room is now finished and looks great, we just have to paint it now and then move everything in, out the garage and then paint the garage, so no big deal!!!! Ha Ha.  Pictures again later.
It is so nice to be back!  Did I actually have a holiday?????
Susie x

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