Busy, Busy!

Yesterday evening our Eldest did his first Exam for Drama and we parents and younger ones were asked to go along and make the audience, whilst the examiner did her bit.  Eighteen students performed in various plays and our son’s was the best, but I would say that!  They were all good.

The builders are progressing well and I will load some pictures later of what we have gained in our room.  It won’t be a sewing room though as they cannot make it into a room without major works, which we cannot do at the moment.  So it will be storage but that is good too!  Whilst I am writing this they are drilling the wall under my feet and if feels as if the drill is in my ear!  I think I will be going out very soon to run some errands.  I don’t think I will be able to stand it for too long!
Getting ready for our trip to The Highlands of Scotland and can’t wait.  Although both Boys will be revising for their exams when they get back, we will have time to relax.  I will have time to do some quilting without interruptions and can’t wait.
I have got some new fabric and have one or two projects I need to make for gifts so need to get on with those.  Here are some pictures of my new fabric, can’t wait to get cutting.
Have been blog hopping and there are so many lovely blogs out there.  I find I sometimes spend the time I could be quilting looking at other peoples blogs.  But it is great to see what everyone else is up to.
Happy Sewing.
Susie x

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