Spring Cleaning

I have been busy spring cleaning and have now completed six rooms with five left to go so over half way! Yeah

The weather hasn’t been too good, we had a glorious day on Monday and because of that it has been foggy yesterday and grey today!  We don’t seem to get any nice days in a row!
Treacle has been moping about the house and yesterday looked decidedly under the weather but then perked up again in the afternoon.  I think she is tired!  Her basket keeps being moved so we can clean I think she is thinking she will be moved permanently.  She will be back in her favourite space soon. 
Our new mattress is arriving today for our bed and can’t wait.  Oh for a good nights sleep.  I have spring cleaned our room and got fresh summer bedding out and it is all waiting for the new mattress.  Just wait they will no doubt ring and say they can’t deliver it today!  Husband and I will then no doubt be sleeping on the sofas! LOL
Susie x


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