Thursdays – They Come Round So Quick

Thursdays is my day for cleaning and doing all the house jobs, before the weekend, and they come round so fast. I have got it all done now and it is an hour before the Boys start getting back from school. As soon as they walk in the house it will be upside down again – oh well.

I have quite a bit of work to do still as well and then dinner and swimming and by the time we get back it will be bed time! Where does the day go? Treacle has decided that on Thursdays it is best to stay out of the way, especially as her beds get washed as well. Tomorrow is my two hour walk with her and then she will crash for the rest of the day. Washing is being done as well but the weather is so bad that I have to dry it in the dryer and it seems to build up more quickly this way.I now know how Cinders felt!

Our first cat was called Cinders. She was wonderful. She came from the Rescue Centre, somebody had hit her on the head with a brick and dumped her! She was never with it really for a cat. She would sit on the windowsill looking at the birds and as they flew over her she would fall off the windowsill! She was an house cat because we were so afraid that something would happen to her if she went out.

Our second cat was called Penny and she was completely opposite to Cinders. We had her as a kitten and she was from a farm, so one tough cookie. She didn’t want to go out! We think because she was born outside she realised how good it was with us and didn’t want to go out, in case she could not get back in! Here is a picture of her. She lived until she was 15 and we still miss her.

Susie x

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