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I have been looking around the Internet and found some lovely quilting blogs. Reading them is like looking through windows in the winter, when people have their lights on but not shut the curtains. You get to read about their lives and families and pets half a world away and you feel as if you know them.
Some the quilts I see on these blogs are amazing and which I certainly aspire to. At the moment I have to sew on my desk which I use for work, which is not ideal as I have to pack away everything and can’t wait to have a sewing room. However I will have to wait until our eldest moves out whenever that may be so I can bag his room!! I have, on occasion, threatened to put the Boys in together (especially when they are having one of those days!) so I can have my sewing room now! It doesn’t go down very well but does stop them arguing!!!!
On one blog, in Hawaii, can’t remember the address but her sister has a whole building in her garden for her sewing room, it was amazing. Will have to try and find it again. It looked like a house! Oh if only!!!!
Susie x

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  1. Liz

    Suzie, you stopped by my blog so of course, I had to see how came to visit. 🙂 I read a couple of your posts but this one caught my eye. I think I know exactly who you are talking about. The quilter in HI, I believe is Lisa Boyer of Dorky Homemade quilts: http://lisaboyer.blogspot.com/
    And her sister is Janeanne Houser. My friend and I drove to Pomona, where she lived with her husband who built her that studio. Ahhh, it's as beautiful to go to as the pictures. But….she divorced that man and isn't there anymore. So sad….not sure about the marriage, but sad about the loss of that studio. LOL Here is a link I had for her webshots album. I LOVE the way she does fill in flowers on her quilts. Just gorgeous stuff. I don't know how much she longarm quilts anymore but she is very talented. http://community.webshots.com/user/janeannhouser/albums/most-recent

    Hope the links work. If not, at least you have some names to do a search.

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