Library Duty

This morning I was at Pilates early and after a quick lunch, helped out at youngest son’s school with their new Library project. We have so far catalogued over 1000 books and still have several hundred to go. I now have more respect for the county librarians and the job they do!


We are trying to get the project finished before the Easter holidays so we can train the older children how to be librarians and how to run the library. It is a huge project but very rewarding and so peaceful, until the children come out for recess!


Susie x



2 thoughts on “Library Duty

  1. Kim

    Where would we be without libraries?! Great that you are active in helping teach the students how the library works and involve them in this way. Susie, this sounds like a fun and rewarding project! 😀

  2. Susie Q

    Hi Kim, yes it is great fun, especially trying to get the children to put the books back in the right place! Some of the children have also been caught hiding books so that they can read them!! They have been told that this is not fair and to share, although I think we haven't seen the end of it! I always went to our local library every Saturday afternoon, with my parents and came home with a pile of books and if I finished those quickly would go back in the week. I loved our library it was such a magnificant building. It is still there although it has changed inside. Great times.

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