Quilt Club

Having brought back a lot of material from America to make two quilts for our Boys, I thought I had better get learning how to quilt.

My Grandmother taught me how to sew and cook and clean and all other things housewifely and I loved every minute of the holidays I spent with her doing these things. So I can sew but never done quilting.
If anyone is interested in learning the How to Quilt for Dummies is great and lots of other books too. I also attended a class to learn the basics and off I went.

I haven’t, as yet, started the Boys quilts as I wanted a little practice first but have so far done one quilt which is living on the back of the sofa, a table mat and now made a quilt for a friend who is expecting in June this year.

I have really enjoyed it and now started on some other projects. I just love the putting together of all the elements. At the moment I can do the blocks, they might not all line up but I think they look good.

Susie x

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