Stuck Again

Having got stuck in the US during April with the ash cloud, we thought it wouldn’t happen again! We were wrong! We went to see our good friends in their new home on the island of Jersey over the holiday weekend in May. Great time was had by all and we were due to fly out on the Tuesday home. An hours flight that’s all!!!

The airport was fogged in and our flight was cancelled. The only problem being we had to be home the next day and they could not get us a flight out until the end of the week! So we had to go to the port, book on the overnight ferry, hire a car on the mainland to drive back to the airport to collect our car to go home! Not again!!!

Another friend asked if we were flying anywhere else in 2010 as they would not be flying at the same time as we always got stuck.

We are going to see them in the May holidays this year but have booked on the ferry both ways – we are not getting stuck this time! However the ferry could be cancelled as the weather is too bad to sail – keep your fingers crossed!
The picture is the ferry coming into port at 6.00am.

Susie x

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