New Year, New Intentions!

I cannot believe it is almost a year since I have written! Last year passed in a blur of work and boys activities!

I re-read my last post and it was just before we went to the US for our holiday in Orlando. We had a fantastic time and loved every minute of it, especially the extra ten days we had over there because of the ash cloud from the Iceland volcano that no one knows how to say or spell!

We did not get much sympathy when we got home for being stuck, but we did feel very sorry for those people who could not get away on holiday.
The holiday was the best ever and we got to do so much. We saw the Shuttle Discovery take off and then land as well, because we were still there! We went to Disney lots of times and did everything. We shopped (great!!!!) we went to a drive-in and saw “How to Train Your Dragon” and went to see the Tampa Bay Rays play the New York Yankees and it was great, great, great. The weather was amazing and we felt so much better when we got back.

Here are a few pictures of our fantastic time. I also shopped at a local Quilt Shop for fabrics as I have started quilting and love it but more about that later.

Susie x

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